"Nadja Halilbegovich is one of the most moving, inspiring speakers I have ever experienced. She shares a rich tapestry of message, depth of heart, captivating stories, and profound wisdom, in a simple, humble and endearing way that leaves her audiences enthralled and also somehow transformed. Nadja has lived through war, yet she isn't bitter. Rather, she has found a way to share her journey in a way that helps us not only to understand war, but also to understand peace, and to be forever moved by the power of the human spirit. Nadja is a rare and extraordinary human being, and she is also a brilliant and masterful speaker."

-Ocean Robbins, Founder, Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!)


“Nadja is only twenty-nine, but she's already gained a century of wisdom and experience. She is such a tremendous and powerful speaker and she can connect with a young audience, as well as with university students, professors, and world leaders. Her story, sincerity and talent are bound to leave you breathless.”

-Miki Jacevic, Senior Policy Officer, Women Waging Peace/Hunt Alternatives Fund


"I have had the pleasure of hearing Nadja speak on several occasions. I was the chief organizer of one of these occasions (November 8, 2001), a public seminar in Indianapolis which was attended by an audience of two hundred, a mix of college faculty, students and community people. I have arranged more than thirty such events in the last few years, most of them quite successful. But Nadja’s evening was more than successful; it was stunning, and everyone present felt the same way. Nadja is a truly gifted speaker—poised, stylish, but also absolutely substantive. A winning combination! Moreover, she speaks exceptionally beautiful English, so beautiful that one has to remind oneself that English is not Nadja’s native tongue. I heartily recommend Nadja as a speaker to agencies and audiences. She is already, in spite of her youth, an accomplished professional."

-Dr. Paul Valliere, Professor in the Humanities, Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana


"Nadja is often called the Anne Frank of Bosnia. In history, I am confident that Nadja's name will be inscribed among the greatest luminaries of our time. Her music lifts and inspires. Her stories embolden and challenge us to recommit to the simplest truth that love, put into action, is enough."

-Tad Hargrave, Founder Youth Jams


"I've had the privilege of hearing Nadja Halilbegovich on a number of occasions, and each time, I've seen her bring deep compassion and sincerity to her audience in a way that is inspiring. Her audience listens raptly as she speaks from her own experience about living through a war and working to reduce international hatred and violence. Nadja Halilbegovich is a wonderful speaker." 

-John Robbins, author Diet For A New America, founder Earth Save International


"Rare is the speaker who can captivate an audience like Nadja. She speaks with such eloquence, such purity, and such intensity that you find yourself completely enraptured by her story and by her spirit. The audience leaves feeling overwhelmed with emotion, but also with a sense that they must do something to make the world a more peaceful place. Nadja speaks with purpose and with grace, and she changes the world every time."

-Ed Gillis, Public Speaker and Leadership Coordinator,"Kids Can Free The Children"


"Nadja's first hand account of living through the devastation of the war will leave you speechless. Not because of the pain, suffering and utter senselessness of the war, but because she has emerged radiating a beauty and grace that draws you to her. Nadja is a shining example of the power each and every one of us possesses to determine whether we will emerge from darkness a victim or a survivor. With passion and conviction, Nadja shares her stories of the war, which will have you laughing one moment, welling up with emotion the next and cheering her youthful boldness as she describes some of her actions during the war. Nadja’s ability to inspire, through words, song and dramatic performance instills a deep and lasting sense of hope that is truly remarkable. Nadja’s passionate and eloquent account of triumphing over the Bosnian war will change how you view yourself and your role in bringing about peace in the world and peace in your heart -A MUST SEE!"

-Michele Corbeil, McMaster University Coordinator


"Nadja Halilbegovich is an outstanding human being. Her command of the English language is far superior to that of most native speakers. She speaks from the heart and quickly touches the hearts of those in her audience with beautiful, meaningful, poetic phrasings. Her positive message, attitude and sincere interest in all people can be felt through her words and beautiful smile. Nadja is an inspiration." 

-Eugenia Scott, Ed.D, Professor, Butler University


“Nadja Halilbegovich was invited to Cawthra Park Secondary School to perform for the grade 11 students. Little did we know the impact she would have on both staff and students. There was not a dry eye in the house by the end of her performance. She held her audience's attention right to the very end. Her work had just the right amount of tension, passion and truth. Her visual effects were thought provoking and moving. Staff and students spoke for days afterwards about the beauty and pain in her work. Her performance generated endless discussion about how we could support the children in our very own community in their time of need. 

This is one assembly you will not regret having! Social science classes would appreciate the background information about war that she brings to her work. Her use of the arts to tell her story is expertly done. Nadja successfully manages to make her audience live her experiences with her. Her performance is an excellent opportunity to bring global awareness to students. 

The very same day of her performance staff had already decided to book Nadja for next year. We look forward to her performance once again and the powerful truth she brings to our attention. Thank you for your work Nadja!” 

-Sandra Dussiaume, Vice-Principal, Cawthra Park Secondary School


“It was my pleasure to be a part of the large group presentation by Ms. Nadja Halilbegovich.  There were about three hundred grade six, seven, and eight students participating. In a very short amount of time, she was able to develop an excellent rapport with the students. 

Ms. Halilbegovich has a natural ability to read her young audience, and organize her presentation with videos, music, and her engaging speaking style.  When the presentation was over, students were asked if they had any questions.  Ms. Halilbegovich accepted the student's questions on an individual basis with respect and caring for everyone's opinions.  Differences were always respected and valued.  Her acceptance always modeled and reinforced the values imparted and inspired.

I would highly recommend Ms. Halilbegovich as a speaker in your school.  She has the ability to capture any audience.”

 -Maureen Royce, Teacher, Wilclay Public School